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Behringer Battery Powered Mixer

The Behringer xenyx 1002 b is a powerful battery-powered Mixer that makes mixers and vocalists work hard for you, this Mixer imparts an effects pedal for adding extra kicks, basses, and mids to your mix, as well as a chorus, dac, and aux input for easily adding extra sounds to your mix. The xenyx 1002 b is conjointly compatible with the Behringer software, giving you access to all of the mix's features.

Behringer Battery Powered Mixer Walmart

The xenyx usb is a battery-powered Mixer that imparts a wide variety of features and options, it imparts an effects chain, outboard and motherboard females, making it first-rate for recording and mixing applications. This Behringer Battery powered Mixer is unrivalled for mixing and monitoring sound elements in a music performance, the Mixer gives an ac adapter for facile use and is equipped with two microphones and three guitar speakers. The Behringer Battery powered Mixer is exquisite for use in music production or sound reinforcement, it grants an advanced sound card with a powerful noise level, making it excellent for use in low-noise applications. The Mixer also includes an internal stage, making it top-of-the-heap for creating professional sound with low distortion, the Behringer Battery powered Mixer is a first-rate way for mixers that need a battery-powered mixer. The Mixer renders an ac-ac adapter so you can use it in your home or office, and it imparts a to give you more power, the Mixer also features a nexus dj Mixer chipset and a power supply 5 volts. This Mixer is prime for any mixers that need a Mixer that is battery-powered.