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Carvin Powered Mixer

The 16 channel pa live is a powerful Mixer that can handle live sound and video content, it features 16 drivers that allow it to manage all your audio and video content. Additionally, it extends an easy-to-use interface and includes both favorites and.

Carvin 12 Channel Powered Mixer

This 12 channel powered Mixer is an excellent addition to your music collection, with its cases, you can easily add your own music for next-day playback. Plus, the 12 sound settings let you customize your music to sound like you're on the same page as ever, this 1200 powered Mixer is a first rate addition to your audio system. This Mixer features a digital interface and 8 pre-calibratedeffect posts, it also renders an include case that makes it straightforward to use. The 1200 powered Mixer is a valuable substitute for individuals who need a powered Mixer because it imparts an enticing sound quality and is basic to use, this powered Mixer is a best-in-class tool for managing mixers and sound reinforcement systems. The Mixer offers an on-board amplifier and filters out background noise to provide accurate sound, the Mixer also features a led display for adding new tracks or libraries. The powered Mixer is compatible with most audio products, this powered Mixer offers 8 channels making it an unequaled amount of power for your music needs. The vg condition means the Mixer is in top-notch condition and imparts all the features you need, include effects such as distortion, chorus, and delays, as well as chorus effects on every channel.