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Gtd Audio Powered Mixer

The Gtd Audio 16000 watt mixed source is a top-rated way for any live or digital music production, with 16000 watts of power, you can easily hear and create the difference between mastering an album full of music and the mastering team behind it. The 16000 watt mixed source also features an advanced, professional-grade power Mixer with 16000 watts of power and an 16000 watt inline sound card.

Gtd Audio Powered Mixer Amazon

This powerful Audio powered Mixer offers an 10-channel memory so you can replay any combination of channels easily, it also includes a built-in amplifier and an adjustable treble and midrange control. The is exceptional for trail & mtb applications and offers up to 500 watts of power for professional sound reinforcement, the Gtd Audio 8 channel powered Mixer is a valuable tool for powerful mixers and amplifiers. With 4800 watts of power, this Mixer can handle any mix performance, the 8-channel digital Mixer can handle 24-bit digital Audio and output to jacks for easily adding more Mixer devices. The built-in amplifier can boost any mix performance, the Gtd Audio powered Mixer is an enticing tool for power-packed events or records. The Gtd Audio 6500 watts professional powered Mixer is a top-of-the-line tool for power mixing and Audio amplification, with its 4500 watts of power, the Mixer can handle all the quickly and easily. The 6-channel input cards provide plenty of power for creating accurate sound, the Mixer also features an amplifier feature for added power. The Mixer is equipped with an included sk-6 austin reference amplifier, so you can easily add it to your setup, the Mixer renders an included pre-amplifier for reliable Audio production. The Gtd Audio 2000 watt 4-channel powered Mixer is a splendid tool for mixing live applications, with its 2000 watt power supply, this Mixer can mix multiple hosts or tracks with ease. The anker switchable power supply gives you the power you need to mix live, go big or go big for up to 16 Audio channels, the 2000 watt power supply can handle up to 16 tracks and up to 60 minutes of power usage. Additionally, the 2000 watt power supply can handle up to 32 channels with up to 256 kg power usage.