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Peavey Xr-800 Powered Mixer Manual

The Peavey Xr 800 d 1200 d 1600 d studio powered Mixer is a fantastic alternative for pre-sell or sell through it is uncomplicated to operate and presents a wide range of features, making it a valuable substitute for both small and large businesses, with a manual, you can find out how to operate it and get the most out of the mixer.

Peavey Xr-800 Powered Mixer Manual Walmart

The Peavey Xr 800 d and 1200 d are powerful studio-grade mixers that allow you to create professional sound from your music with on-the-go performance, with their either a built-in amplifier or a built-in speaker, these mixers make it straightforward to work with large quantities of music. The Xr 800 d grants an 12-band equalizer, the 12-in-1 bass cable and the Peavey multi-language keyer, the Xr 1200 d features an onstage sound for live performance and is backed by the Peavey warranty. Keys, thru-speakers and more, with original factory owners manual, you'll be able to create custom mixes and tracks quickly and easily. Sound reinforcement, and live performance, with each Mixer having both options, you can always have everything you need close to you. The Peavey Xr 800 d grants a standard 3-port digital audio input and the Peavey Xr 1200 d presents a standard 2-port digital audio input, there are also built-in for two audio sources. The Peavey Xr 800 d and 1200 d are constantly upgradable to additional audio sources with only a biz or biz research being necessary, biz programming and effects extraction. The Peavey Xr 1200 d does not have a card but can be adding a digital audio out end and/or a video out end later on, both mixers have serviceable built-in microphones, a built-in microphone input, and a built-in microphone output. There are also included user guide and tips booklet and a full product Manual available for purchase, the Peavey Xr 800 d 1200 d 1600 d studio powered Mixer is a fantastic substitute for musician or professional sound reinforcement. This Mixer presents a wide mix window and an easy-to-use use remote control pad, the Peavey Xr 800 d 1200 d 1600 d studio powered Mixer is equipped with a built-in mic and speaker, so you can stream music or sound from a computer screen.