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Peavey Xr1212 Powered Mixer

This is a valuable substitute for individuals hunting for a power cord for their Peavey 6500 8500 mp 600 xr 8600 d xr 1212 mixer, the black is a good color to operate as a base for your mixers, and the fact that it is a xr means that it is to last.

Peavey Xr 1220 Powered Mixer

This 1220 ul ac power charger cable plug for Peavey p powered Mixer is first-rate for admirers who itch for a powerful and fast mixer, this cable provides 6 foot ul ac power which is first-rate for sound effects and movie performance. The cable is facile to operate and is exquisite for signal processing or sound production, this Peavey powered Mixer grants an ac power cord for referencing. The Mixer also includes an adjustable level control, so you can ensure that your music always sounds good, this Mixer is powered by the built-in battery, so it'll last long on battery. The Mixer presents a grey anodized aluminum design with a black logo, the Peavey p powered Mixer is a first-rate way for suitors wanting for a powerful and easy-to-use mixer. This Mixer grants a power cable that can power your preferred audio equipment, the power cable is likewise equipped with a built-in speaker for making loud and clear audio pronunciation. The Peavey p powered Mixer is top-quality for making live sound or movie sound, this Peavey d and have ac power cords which you can use to power their Mixer inputs and outputs. The Mixer itself extends a front usb input and a back up usb input, so you can power the Mixer from an usb drive or outlet, the Mixer also includes a front microphone input and a back rear microphone input. Both of these input and output ports can be used to capture microphone audio or video, the Mixer also includes a built in mic pre-amp with a factor 5 speaker pre-amp.