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Rockville Rpm870 8 Channel 6000w Powered Mixer

The Rockville 8 Channel 6000 w powered Mixer is a top device for and effects 8 s2 s8 models, with its 8 channels and 6 input types, the is top-quality for any music production purposes.


The Rockville is an 8-channel, 6000 watt amplifier that features a digital hearth that can accept conversion and inputs, the Rockville can be used to mix or amplify an audio track. The Mixer gives 8 digital Rockville knobs that can be set at 4 different levels to choose from, the Rockville is backed by an usb-based effect column that allows for 8 x8' rock albums, 5 x5' of rock band albums, or 8 x8' of vinyl lullabies. This is an 8-channel Rockville powered Mixer that lets you create powerful stereo sound with 8 balanced digital channels, the included 8-channel power supply ensures that you have enough power to get the most from your audio equipment. The Rockville 8-channel6000 w powered Mixer is an unrivaled alternative to add an edge to your music, with 8 mic you can easily add voice and video content. The Mixer also includes 8 knobs and 2 sources to give you a comprehensive control over your music, the Rockville 8-channel 6000 w powered Mixer is an unrivaled alternative for mixing live music or footage with multiple instruments. With two digital audio players, this Mixer offers 8 gb of storage for your own music, photos, or videos, the Mixer also includes an included usb cable and an era warning readout.