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Yamaha Emx2 Powered Mixer

The Yamaha powered Mixer is a top-of-the-line alternative to get your business off the ground and starting in as little as two weeks, this Mixer presents features such as live mix , track , and automation that make it basic to get your music started and moving. With its powerful speakers and easy-to-use controls, this Mixer will make music sound peerless and feel like an original idea.

Yamaha Powered Mixer Emx2

The Yamaha powered Mixer is a sensational new tool for sound reinforcement, this Mixer presents an ex2 soundcard intelligence and 2 knob controllers to give you the control you need to create different sound effects, and deepbass. The mix is straightforward to adopt with the included instruction booklet, and can accept input from either an audio file or a microphone, the Yamaha powered Mixer rackmount kit allows you to mix music with your expansive experience. With an include rack and expansion fountain, this kit makes adding music and effects to your mix is easy, the included drive unit allows you to easily and quickly mix music and effects. The also includes an 6-band eq, which can help you boost the heard of music, the Yamaha powered Mixer is a top surrogate for folks wanting for a powerful and dependable mixer. The Mixer offers a variety of features that make it a beneficial substitute for both home and professional use, the Mixer can be connected to your device via the power cord, or you can use the included ac power cord to power it. The Mixer extends an overall length of about 5 feet and can handle up to 10 inputs and up to 5 outputs, this 6 ft ac power cord cable will allow you to connect your Yamaha 2 5 7 stereo powered amplified Mixer to a wall or with other systems to create a larger mix. The cable is facile to operate and is valuable for music fans or anyone who wants to mix out of one system into another.