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Yamaha Emx312sc Powered Mixer

This powerful 12-channel Mixer is prime for or large events, with a basic to adopt interface, this Mixer makes setting up your sound plans easy. Plus, the powerful sound quality ensures that you can sound the part.

Cheap Yamaha Emx312sc Powered Mixer

The Yamaha sc powered Mixer bag is a beneficial alternative to keep your mixers running smoothly and without noise, with 12 padding though, it still contains only Yamaha design on the outside. The yakima covers also protect your mixers from weather and scratches, the Mixer bag is likewise unequaled for transportation. With its stylish design and protectant Yamaha covers, the sc powered Mixer bag is a must-have for any mixer, the Yamaha sc powered Mixer cover is an enticing alternative to protect your audio equipment from curious individuals who might want to play around with it. The cover grants 12 padding for extra protection and a logo, this Mixer is furthermore available in a black finish, making it a sensational substitute for people who itch to avoid being known as the only one with too many audio equipment options. This Yamaha sc powered Mixer is a light duty economy ata case for the Yamaha sc and sc powered mixer, it includes a cases ronald's and all you need to start mixing is in it. This cases comes with an 2-year warranty, this Yamaha amplifier cords & mixers set contains two ac power cords for the sc and sc powered mixers. The cords are also into different ports on the set for basic usage, the cords are specifically placed for use with the sc and s powered mixers, which have low power hungry jacks. The ac power cord is good for at least 100 watts of power.