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Yamaha Powered Mixer Emx512sc

The Yamaha sc is a powered Mixer that makes it effortless to add music and video to your this model extends an 8-band frequency range and an include effects pedal gives you access to high-end sound effects, the Mixer grants a detachable cable that is excellent for taking to events or weddings, and it can handle up to 8 messages at once.

Yamaha Emx 512 Powered Mixer

The Yamaha 512 sc Mixer offers top knobs for powerful sound, it grants an 8-fx feature that allows users to control 896 of power. The Mixer also imparts an interruptible function that allows users to control all 896 of power at the same time, the Yamaha powered Mixer presents it all: a powerful Mixer with a c-style console, 8 vocal channels, 3 audio return-to-air controls, and an 3-band equalizer. This on-the-go tool can handle all your mix needs, from live sound recordings biz mastering, the Mixer also includes an included equalizer, and provides a serviceable on-screen for managing mix points and Mixer levels. The s have a new, modern look and feel, and are defect-free -sienna enamel- listening the sound quality is good, but not excellent, and the seeing-through-the-top cover can be a bit of a nuisance to keep clean, the user manual is comprehensive, and includes everything you need to get started. Overall, parts Yamaha sc powered is a good powerful Mixer that will do the job well, the Yamaha powered Mixer is a c-style console with 8 vocal channels, 3 audio return-to-air controls, and an 3-band equalizer. It includes a new, modern look and feel, and is defect-free, siena enamel- listening the Yamaha sc powered Mixer is a top-notch alternative to get your mix together quickly and easily, this Mixer extends an 12 padding protectant protection that helps to keep your Mixer from being damaged. The cover also imparts a black finish that makes it straightforward to see, this Mixer gives a lot of features including input, expansion slot, and a mic input. The expansion slot allows you to add to the mixer, and the mic input allows you to accept and accept audio clips with out losing sound quality, the Yamaha d shaft knob powered Mixer provides an amplifier and an audio card for adding power to your audio applications. The knobs are made of durable plastic and have knobs with tough, black anodized aluminum, the Mixer has an on-board amplifier and audio card that give you powerful and realistic sound.